5 Tips For Easier Sowing Small Seeds


Small It is very easy to sow large seeds, it is much less obvious to do so with tiny seeds, such as those of carrots or some flowers (petunias or begonias for example). So here are 5 tips to sow your tiny seeds more easily.


How To Achieve The Seed?

For successful sowing of packaged seeds, several conditions must be met:


  • Ensure good contact between soil and seed to promote rapid germination.
  • Maintain constant humidity, without excess.
  • Guarantee of sufficient temperatures, specific for each vegetable.
  • Distribute the seeds well to avoid suffocation of the young plants after they emerge.

It is precisely this last point that creates the biggest problem with small seeds, because they are difficult to handle and are no longer visible when deposited on the soil surface. So it is common to sow too hard.


Use Fine Potting Soil

Ideally, so the seeds make good contact with the soil, your seed should be as good as the seeds to be sown.


The only way to get such a fine seed is to sift it. You can use a classic kitchen colander or a wooden sieve. Wet the soil the day before, but not too much.


This very thin substrate will then be placed on the bottom of your box if sowing indoors and also to cover your seeds after sowing.


Use a Hand Seeder

To easily sow the smaller seeds, you can buy a manual seeder. It is a clear plastic box with a spout. By turning the cover of your seed distributor, you can adjust it to the size of the seeds and thus adjust the amount sown.


Caution ! The seeds must be very dry, otherwise they tend to accumulate in the seed drill and block the outlet of this part.


Mix The Small Seeds With Sand Or Coffee Grounds

I pour to increase the volume of the tiny seeds and thus to handle them more easily, do not hesitate to mix with sand or very dry coffee grounds : measure about 2/3 of these materials for 1/3 of the seeds.


The gray sand of the river, or the yellow sand of the beach, is clearly visible on the ground surface. Your sowing will be better distributed.


Conversely, coffee grounds have a color close to that of the potting soil, which does not allow them to be differentiated.


Divide The Pile Of Seeds To Be Sown In Two

To achieve a regular sowing on the ground or on the surface of your box, another trick is to divide your seed packet into two equal piles distributed in 2 plastic boxes.


Then we sow twice, in one direction for the seeds contained in the first box, then crossing for the second pass with the seeds from the other box.


Gently Water The Tiny Seeds

After the seeds are sown, avoid watering with an apple watering can. You risk moving the seeds.


If you wet your soil the day before it is still moist and therefore you don’t necessarily need to water again.


If you haven’t moistened the soil before, use a fine mist sprayer until the seeds germinate. Watering will be more subtle.



Updated: February 28, 2023 — 4:59 am

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