How To Cut Parsley To Make It Grow Again? Tips


A biennial aromatic herb, parsley is a real star in the kitchen. Whether you’ve chosen flat parsley for its flavor qualities or curly parsley for its aesthetic foliage, our two harvesting techniques will allow you to have a beautiful rebirth. To keep parsley beautiful and productive, take the right steps to cut it!


How to cut parsley correctly?


The first method is to chop the parsley by hand. Choose the most developed upper part, preferably those around the leg, so as to preserve the heart of the plant. Cut the branches at ground level get new shoots quickly.


For the second method, take a knife, kitchen scissors or pruning shears. Carefully join the nearest stems and make a clean cut, low to the ground. This method is faster, but be careful there too Keep the budding shoots to keep your parsley productive.


To have fresh parsley all year round, protect it under a tunnel or clos in the winter. © DepositPhotos


How to have parsley all year round?


Your parsley will regrow next year, but will concentrate its efforts on producing a flower stalk and then seeds. You can cut it when it blooms to try to bring it back, but ideally the seeds are recovered, or let it reseed: the new plants will be much more productive!


The advantage of parsley is that it can be grown all year round. The sowing season extends from February to September. Its root can withstand down to -15°C, but it is better to protect its foliage in winter by growing it in a frame or greenhouse or by protecting it with a cloche.


Once harvested, fresh parsley keeps very well frozen, chopped or whole: you just have to put it in airtight bags. It will thus be able to easily combine all your culinary preparations!



Updated: February 28, 2023 — 4:52 am

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