The 10 Best Strawberry Varieties To Plant In The Garden


Planted in fall or spring, strawberries produce flowers and then fruit very quickly, without requiring much space or maintenance. They are of two types: perennial or non-perennial, offering strawberries in a short time for the former or until frost for the latter. See the top 10 executives.


Remontant and non-remontant strawberry varieties: what are the differences?


The never-bearing strawberries only produce once a year, in the spring, for a few weeks between mid-May and mid-June.


o non-resynthesizing cultivars offer strawberries from May to October, with a rest period in mid-summer. The September and October harvest is also smaller in quantity, until the frost.


There are about 100 varieties of strawberries, including several dozen that are easy to find.



Varieties of remontant strawberries
Strawberry varieties that never bear













Gentonova or new people

Maïka or Marriott

Alpine gold

Music teacher

mara of the forest





Vivarosa (with pink flowers)


Anablanca (white)



beautiful and good









Elsanto, Elsanta





Mrs. Moutot







Surprise of the Markets

Surprise purchase


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Our pick of the 10 best strawberry varieties


In the vegetable garden it is ideal to plant strawberries of both types. You will enjoy the fragrant flavors of varieties that do not recombine but with remontants, you can harvest strawberries for several months.




Everyone knows this little strawberry that doesn’t stick, with a beautiful conical shape. The strawberry garigetta has been around for over 40 years and is still one of the most widely grown varieties. It is one of the first to reach maturity between early May and mid-June. Its berries in elongated clusters, very aromatic, are slightly acidic, but that is exactly what pleases. Gariguette makes up for its short harvest season with good production.




If this heavenly variety, a hybrid of the Mara des bois, is still so successful, it is simply because it is one of the best strawberries and also one of the most productive. The fruits of the Charlotte strawberry plant, elongated in shape, medium in size (15 g) but with a beautiful shiny red robe, are collected from June to October. Their very sweet, melting flesh is very aromatic. On the cultivation side, it is a strawberry plant that is not very susceptible to powdery mildew and other diseases.


mara of the forest


This renewed variety has starred in strawberries for several decades. It is its wild strawberry aroma that made it famous while offering larger fruit, tender flesh. Elongated, conical, the fruits have a fairly dark red color. Mara des bois produces from June until frost, except from mid-July to late August, with very good disease resistance and good performance. Fed, each plant can indeed produce up to 1kg of beautiful strawberries, but they don’t keep well.




Cultivated for a long time in the garden, this variety resists well to classic diseases (mildew, purple spots). It offers small, round, bright red strawberries. Their flesh has a harder and less melting texture than Mara des bois, which is slightly acidic. They are harvested from June to October.




From June until the first frosts, this remontant variety produces conical fruits, very red. Their firm, aromatic flesh is a good quality of taste. On the cultural side, Marriott, sometimes called Maïka, is resistant to cold and mildew and keeps well. It is possible to grow it everywhere in France.


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A lovely classic, Cirafine is a repeat flowering strawberry variety. It is a variant of Mara des bois. It offers well-flavored strawberries, about 15 g, with an elongated shape and a beautiful red color. Its flesh, neither too sour nor too sweet, is as juicy as it should be. Produces from mid-July until frost and resists powdery mildew well.


Music teacher


An easy hit, Maestro is an unrepeatable organic variety, disease and cold resistant and an improvement on Gento. Produces from June to jelly large round strawberries, 40 to 50 g, with firm, juicy, crisp and then tender flesh, but not too sweet. A single plant easily yields over 500 grams of fruit.


Full flower


This very old variety allows you to rediscover the original taste of the wild strawberry. Each plant produces small round, very red strawberries from May until frost. Cold hardy, this strawberry plant is practical as a ground cover. It multiplies very quickly from its runners in the shade of bushes and can even become invasive in the long term.




This semi-century variety of strawberry produces a large quantity of early conical fruits, bright red, very sweet and very aromatic. A few strawberries are possible again from late August if the soil, rich and well-drained, remains cool in summer.




This large evergreen strawberry, acquired in the Netherlands very recently, offers good flavor for its size and a smooth June to October production, with a summer break. Easy to pick, its elongated fruits grow in clusters. This strawberry can be planted in a large planter or in a more original way, in a pallet.


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