Growing Carrots: 8 Practical Tips

Easily recognizable by its bushy green tops and elongated orange root, the carrot is undoubtedly one of the most used vegetables in cooking, in all seasons, raw or cooked. Here are 8 tips for Growing Carrots:


When and How to Sow Carrots?

the carrot is a biennial vegetable whose seeds can be sown from March to June, sometimes earlier if the seedlings are protected with a veil or under a frame. Some gardeners, however, manage to grow them all year round by combining with different varieties.


First of all, loosen the soil to a minimum depth of 25 cm and remove as many stones as possible. Then make 1 cm deep furrows in which seeds will be sown In connection. Keep a distance of 15 to 20 cm between each row. the lifting is long and several thinnings will be necessary to manage to keep only one plant every 3 to 4 cm. To make sowing easier, you can use pre-glued seed ribbons. Do not throw away the young carrots that have been pulled. They are delicious!


Carrots Like Light, Sandy, Deep, Stone-Free Soils

If the soil is clayey, it must first be loosened. Planting is also more successful when exposed to the sun. the carrot also likes to be watered regularly for the first 5 or 6 weeks. In addition, weeding helps in good growth. Adding compost or manure should be avoided before sowing.


What are the interviews that will take place?

Fertilization with organic matter should be avoided: it risks burning the seedlings. Once established, however, it is recommended to add some fertilizer during the growth phase.


As for watering, it is better to limit it during cultivation. To conserve moisture, simply cover the soil with a light mulch of freshly cut nettle leaves.


When to Harvest Carrot Seeds?

As with many umbels, carrot seed is harvested on the first canes that appear on the main stems. When they are dry and golden, remove them by cutting with scissors. Continue only in warm, dry weather and then allow them to dry upside down for several weeks in a row before sorting the seeds into a sieve.


When and How to Harvest Carrots?

Depending on the variety, the harvest will take from 3 to 6 months after sowing. For early carrots (seeded under cover), it can appear in less than 3 months after sowing. For summer carrots, it takes about 3 to 4 months. And for the winter varieties, it will take 6 months to reach full maturity.


In general, the carrot comes with a jerk from its foliage while you lift the root with a spade fork. Be careful not to damage other plants. After uprooting, some moist soil still clings to the root. A short drying in the sun will be enough to remove it.


How To Store Carrots Over The Winter?

To take advantage of its benefits in winter, it is important to keep carrots dry, in a ventilated area protected from frost. Collect wine boxes that you fill with sand. Place the carrots flat between two layers of sand.


Alternaria blight disease

is a disease caused by two fungi: Alternariadauci et Alternariaradicina. The tops of infected carrot plants turn brown and then gradually turn black. Then all the leaves die and black spots appear on the roots. This disease is particularly spread by infected seeds. Eliminate diseased roots and no longer grow carrots in the same spot for multiple cycles.


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