Snow Peas And Peas: The Varieties


Shelled peas, or mangeout, are delicious and easy to grow. In addition to being good, these vegetable seeds from the fabaceae family enrich the soil with nitrogen. A useful way to regenerate the earth.


Shelling The Peas

It is the culinary use, as much as the botanical, that makes it possible to tell the difference between a shell pea and a snow pea.


The shelling peas must be removed from the pod that wraps them (the skin) before eating. They are also eaten raw, fried, accompanied by bits of bacon and onions, or even cooked, in planters, mixed with other vegetables.


Snow peas

snow peas are also called gourmet peas. They are generally slower than the first and are eaten with their pods. They enter the composition of salty-sweet dishes or salads in which they reveal the best of them. They are eaten young, when the grains have just formed.


Smooth Peas Should Be Sown Early

Here we find a classification based on the cultivation method of the pea (Pisum sativum)


From shelling peas peas to the round or smooth grains withstand cold and moisture better. In some areas of southern France, you can even sow them a little in autumn. Then you will harvest from March. On the other hand, they are more floury if they are harvested a little late.


Peas with crinkled kernels are more resistant to heat

shriveled peas are less hardy but more heat resistant. Therefore they are sown later. They are more resistant to powdery mildew, a disease that between heat and humidity finds favorable conditions for its development. They are also sweeter, less mealy and we can afford to harvest a bit longer because the beans stay tender longer in the pods.


The shelling peas are harvested when the pod is fleshy and full, but before its green color begins to change. Thus, gyros are the tastiest but require frequent passes of the gardener between rows because they quickly lose their properties. Their rounded appearance looks great on the plate, which makes them ideal for freezing or canning.


Peas Dwarf, Iminanus Or Series

The two types of peas each have dwarf, semi-dwarf or rowing varieties. So we find on the market peas whose heights vary from 30 centimeters to over 2 meters.


For your vegetable garden, choose varieties adapted to its size and the time you devote to it. Rowing peas do require the establishment of teachers (the paddles) to help the plant grow. They are generally more productive than their dwarf counterparts, but their location should be studied in advance because the shade resulting from their cultivation may prove inconvenient for the cultivation of other vegetable plants.


Recommended Pea Varieties

When choosing which peas to grow, consider purchasing varieties that stagger seeding over time. This will allow you to harvest peas almost all year round.


Well, Ambassador

Eminanos variety with wrinkled seeds and shells, ideal for canning or freezing. The pods are formed in pairs and each contains from 6 to 8 sweet grains. The relatively basic vegetation (80 cm) does not require an armada of paddles, which makes picking easier.


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